Various research institutes all over the world are continuously studying the effects of the Wim Hof Method. Below you can find a summary of the studies that are currently underway.
Motivation and Experiences of WHM Practioners

RMIT University in Australia is conducting a survey study, exploring the motivation and experiences of Wim Hof Method practitioners worldwide. This will offer insight on the impact of practicing the WHM on health & wellbeing. The survey is ongoing and you can contribute right now by going here:
Inflammation & Pain

In the Netherlands, Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen is completing a new study about the effects of the various components of the WHM on inflammation and pain.
Metabolic Activity

Kenkodo Metabolomic Discoveries in Germany is working closely with Radboud UMC. They are analyzing blood samples that have been taken by Radboud UMC in previous studies. Using this data, they seek to deepen the understanding of the metabolic activity in blood cells when practicing the WHM. Its various parameters can provide new insight into shifts in metabolic rate.
Auto-immune Disease

The Amsterdam Medical Centre (AMC) in the Netherlands is conducting a study into the effects of the WHM on inflammation and quality of life of people with Spondylitis.
Brain Activity

Wayne State University in Michigan, USA, is measuring the effect of the WHM on brain activity. This research consists of 2 parts:

1.         Effects of isolated cold exposure

2.         Effects of cold exposure combined with WHM breathing exercises and mind-set
Sleep Patterns & Stress Levels

Wim trained a group of America’s Navy SEALS in the WHM! They now continue their training by following the 10-week Online Course. A research team is looking into the effects of the Method on sleep patterns and stress levels.

We are continuously in conversation with research institutes all over the world about the possibilities to conduct research into the various aspects and effects of the Wim Hof Method.